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Silent Sky – Theatre Preview

Silent Sky – Preview/Review

The vastness of time and space make up some of the subject matter of “Silent Sky” by Lauren Gunderson. This Astronomy inspired trip is currently on stage at Studio Theatre.  Set at the iconic ivy league Harvard in the early 1900’s this serene piece takes us to an observatory on the brink of discovery.IMG_20200223_2020051

I was lucky enough to see the first half and a runthrough of the tail end of the show in rehearsals leading up to opening on March 4th.  It is clear that this particular production will have a “wow” factor.  Wonderfully staged by the steady hand of Kirsten Lyons, the story unfolds effortlessly and is seamlessly strung together with perfectly chosen transition music.

A love story at it’s core, Silent Sky promises to delight with many deeply touching moments and hearty laughs.

Studio theatre vetran Sharon Hoffman uses her decades of experience to tackle a Scottish character with equal humour and severity.


Neil Matoga’s quirky portrayal perfectly captures the story of a somewhat serious character (Peter Shaw) who finds himself wading in the quagmire called love.  His bumbling and fumbling as he woos Henrietta Swan Leavitt will bring hearty laughs and merriment to patrons.

Kudos must go to costume designer Christa Obergfell for her amazing costuming skills.  Hats off to another well clothed cast.

Perhaps the real star of this production is the set and design.  Sheryl-Lynn Lewis uses her decades of devotion and experience both onstage and off to hit this one well out of the stratosphere.  The floor of the stage might be the most phenomenal set painting you’ve ever seen and is enhanced by moody lighting and well placed accents.

Tannis Armstrong is a standout and leads this adept cast with a grace and ease which rests somewhere between naturalism and dream sequence.  Her performance is sure to touch many hearts.

If you see one play in 2020 go see Silent Sky.  I would give this 7 out of 7 stars if I could.nebula

Silent Sky plays March 4th – 21st at WILLIAMS LAKE STUDIO THEATRE

Tickets are around $20 and are available at KIT AND (don’t touch the ferris wheel) KABOODLE



Station House Gallery – An Art Review of Sorts…

You will probably nod your head when I describe the feature artist currenly on display at the Station House Gallery in Williams Lake, British Columbia.  The Station House is a converted heritage rail station and it glows with the colour expertly applied by Lynn Capling.  Lynn is the kind of person that seems to be able to do anything and do it well.  She is not merely an Artist she is a shapeshifter that dons many hats and successfully.

The Art on display is a wonderful mix of expressionistic/impressionistic portraiture, landscapes, mosaicesque just to name a few.  Somehow with all these styles and variety there is a suprisingly cohesive theme to the exhibit.  Amazing!  These snaps do not do the paintings justice.  Get down to the Station House to see these before the show changes over.

The Station House can be found here; S T A T I O N   H O U S E   W E B S I T E

I could say more about this exhibit but I won’t.  I could gush on and on, but I will let your eyes wander and let these wonderful paintings speak directly to you.


The Bar Soap Millenial Myth

You may have heard that Millenials don’t like bar soap.  They don’t buy bar soap, they don’t like it, You could even say they hate it.  If hard soap supplies shrink in the bath department then the millenials should be blamed and shamed. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Is the intention to pit one generation against the next?  Do the manufacturers want to artificially drive up the price of detergent?   A company with a huge market share like Unilever could benefit sharply with a price increase of even pennies.

All of these findings are pure myth and of course are designed to sway thinking.  Simply visit a local farmers market or craft fair and you will find one if not several soap makers.  This is actual soap and not detergent.  Some people avoid soap thinking it’s the real thing when what their skin is having a reation to is actually detergent.  Label reading and education is the best consumer protection available!

If you are a “millenial” then I would like to hear from you in the comments about your like or dislike of bar soap.  If you are a “boomer” I would like to hear you weigh in on this.   I promise I won’t respond with, “okay boomer” please be polite commenters! 🙂  If you identify as genX or genY then 3y3 would like to hear from you as well.

Let’s end this barsoap Millenial Myth together.  😉

Thank you for visiting 3y3wonder and please visit a local soapmaker near you!



A Canadian Conversation during the Polar Vortex

frozen wasteland

A Conversation with two Canadians during the Polar Vortex

(Canuck A is coming in from outside)

Canuck A: Holy crap it’s like ‘Game of Thrones’ out there.

Canuck B: What were you doing outside?

Canuck A: Digging the car out.

Canuck B: Eh? I’m staying in for the rest of the month.

Canuck A: But, we’re out of poutine! You know, sustenance.

Canuck B: I’ve got a hoard of pemmican and mac n’ cheese for just such occasions.

Canuck A: Alright, wanna stay in and drink beer?

Canuck B: Well this sure ain’t coffee in this mug.

Here’s to the Gleaners

Here’s to the Gleaners


Here’s to the Gleaners
picking up after litterers
reaping what will fall
from the hands of the careless.

Here’s to the Gleaners
somehow making a bit of Styrofoam useful again
or a scrap of fabric
feeding back to the earth
what she will take,
re-purposing what she will not.

Hat’s off to the Gleaners
finding use when no one else sees it
making window art with scratched compact disks and aluminum
saving a small bird from a fatal collision with human construction
a future without so much waste…

What will we do with all those discarded computer parts?
floating refuse?
gadgets and trinkets of yesteryear?

Raise a glass to the Gleaners,
Can they save us from drowning in a mountain of abandoned material things?

The next time you see something discarded
ponder the Gleaners and think;
“Could I use that?”


Thank you for visiting.  I’m not sure why but in my area I see people throw things from their vehicles and see it all around the roads and highways.  Pop cans, plastic, used diapers, old gloves, jackets and boots.  If you throw things at the side of the road please realize this is someone’s neighborhood.  Would you want their garbage in your neighborhood?

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Reluctant Hosts for The Chasm

3y3 has become the somewhat reluctant host for THE CHASM until hole media can raise the funds to create a “proper website”.  Enjoy?


Greg Phenning and Hole Media work hard most months to bring you THE CHASM – hope rises up from the abyss – Also check out Greg’s local HEROs AND zer0s series on YouTube by searching GONG SHOW TAROT or the Cosmic Threader. 

A Void-C Emergency

A Void-C Emergency Nineteen

There is an old tale titled “The Boy who Cried Wolf”.  Many of you will be familiar with this story so we won’t bore you with the details.  If you want to buy the fairy tale, one version is available here.  Some Ladies and Gentlemen up at the top may or may not have cried wolf a few too many times.  This is perhaps what some of you are thinking and it echos some of what I am thinking.  Well it’s lonely at the top, or so I’ve heard and perhaps the rest of us don’t really need to be manipulated by disaster politics after all of this blows over.  What is real and what is fake?  Is this real?


The Covid-Nineteen Virus (formerly called Novel Coronavirus 19 before it’s proper branding) has taken the world by storm.  So much so that every concert, event, school, and even some bars and restaurants are on total lockdown worldwide.  What is this beast?  Some are calling it a lamb and insist that the Coronavirus has been around for quite some time and is as mild as the common cold.  Others are warning that is is only slightly better that SARS and MERS when it comes to death rates, however much worse when it comes to infection rates.  This Covid-Nineteen strain is said to have a longer incubation period and doesn’t always manifest symptoms.

Masks apparently don’t help all that much unless you are supressing a cough and then you really ought to be wearing a mask.  The gloves too are really only a post pandemic fashion accessory really and good old fashioned hand washing is better than even the strongest antiseptic gels and jellys.

My Sister quipped to my Mother on the telephone, “Ma, it’s like we’re living in a science fiction movie”.  A win perhaps for the, “We live in a simulation” argument brought forth by the likes of Elon Musk.

If you watch any of the major American networks or the Canadian ones for that matter you will want to gouge your eyes out with all the fear driven branding and barage of information.  Who can say what is true?  WHO (World Health Organization) says Covid is serious so we need to listen, but do we need to bring in and perhaps keep draconian surveillence and living conditions forever?  Is this yet another attempt at our freedoms such as the erosion of freedoms that happened following 9-11?  While South Korea and China are to be admired for the reported control they brought to the virus – we do need to remember China is a communist dictatorship.  ‘merica and Italy perhaps value individuality too much for this kind of control.

So if the WHO and our goverments at all levels say we need to lock down, why then we shall.  But let us sort out all of the political stuff AFTER we deal with the virus.  Personally, I plan on hunkeringdown with a Quarentini or twelve.  Cheers.


Thank you for stopping by.  If you would like to do some reading on some other more cheery subjects please consider doing it here.

TOP 10 Golf Balls to use in 2019


Top 10 Golf Balls for 2019*

#1  Noodle – This is the top ball. Why, because it is
clearly the best choice for any thoughtful person.
If you want to be like the rest of the boorish apes on the
course go ahead and use a different brand.

#2  Titleist – Honestly I think the success of this company is due
mostly to the brand geniuses putting the word tit in the name.
Decent balls I suppose.

#3 Taylor Made – These are really good balls. You can’t
go wrong here – well made – just don’t lose them with your wilder

#4 Callaway – A true gentleman’s ball for a gentleman’s game.
If you are the type to ridgidly follow dress codes and
ettiquette then this is the refined ball for you.

#5 Top Flite – The “Champs” of golf balls.

#6 Vapor – A nice appealing brand name here for golf players that like to vape or do drugs on and off the course.  It remains to be seen if these loyal smoke suckers can actually golf.

#7 Vice- Everybody has a vice so why not make golf yours!?

#8 Precept – If you like to envision your ball going in under par every hole you might be overthinking it.  let this ball do all the thinking for you with it’s amazing gift of sight.

#9 Bridgestone Golf – Well it’s not quite a tire, but don’t blame me if your ball smells of recycled rubber.

#10 Srixon Z Star XV – Finally a ball for zombies and zombie appreciators.  “Fore!” “Oh don’t worry that’s not a golf player, just another undead wanderer.”

*please note – there is nothing scientific or logical about these rankings – Literally just had a bunch of balls lying around and made an arbitrary list.  Enjoy! Continue reading “TOP 10 Golf Balls to use in 2019”