Here’s to the Gleaners

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Here’s to the Gleaners
picking up after litterers
reaping what will fall
from the hands of the careless.

Here’s to the Gleaners
somehow making a bit of Styrofoam useful again
or a scrap of fabric
feeding back to the earth
what she will take,
re-purposing what she will not.

Hat’s off to the Gleaners
finding use when no one else sees it
making window art with scratched compact disks and aluminum
saving a small bird from a fatal collision with human construction
a future without so much waste…

What will we do with all those discarded computer parts?
floating refuse?
gadgets and trinkets of yesteryear?

Raise a glass to the Gleaners,
Can they save us from drowning in a mountain of abandoned material things?

The next time you see something discarded
ponder the Gleaners and think;
“Could I use that?”


Thank you for visiting.  I’m not sure why but in my area I see people throw things from their vehicles and see it all around the roads and highways.  Pop cans, plastic, used diapers, old gloves, jackets and boots.  If you throw things at the side of the road please realize this is someone’s neighborhood.  Would you want their garbage in your neighborhood?

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The left desperately needs a Jordan Peterson, a call to arms?

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The left desperately needs a Jordan Peterson, there is only one problem, Peterson claims he is already coming from the left.   What do Gender Pronouns, Free Speech, the University of Toronto and the Canadian Government have in common?  They are all mixed up in this one…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This site really doesn’t want to be concerned with politics, however in light of recent legislation we are all being dragged into the arena whether we want to be there or not.  I know I am painting a target on my back with this post even though I really don’t want to take sides on this one…the haters will show up regardless.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about at this point in the article then you need to watch this debate and decide for yourself if this is about inclusion or if it is about free speech.

Do artists even belong in this debate?  Is there still a place in our society for unsanctioned artists? It will be fascinating to hear people weigh in on this one.  I will shut up now and go and clean my room…

DAVID LYNCH: An Intentional Enigma? A Book Review of Sorts…Part I.

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DAVID LYNCH: An Intentional Enigma?  A Book Review of Sorts …Part I.


Many books claim to be transformative, however few truly measure up to the challenge.  “CATCHING THE BIG FISH” by David Lynch might actually be the insight you need for self-discovery, increased awareness or merely for entertainment.

You might be thinking as you are reading this, “Wait, is this the same David Lynch that brought us Blue Velvet, Eraserhead and Mulholland Drive?”  Why yes, yes this is that David Lynch.  One chapter entitled “BOB’S BIG BOY”  will please the fans of his films.  This chapter is full blown creepy and yet somehow whimsical Lynchian Daymare.


For those of you hoping for a deep dive into Twin Peaks, I will let you know now that this particular article won’t talk about Twin Peaks, Douglas Firs, Washington or Special Agent Dale Cooper at all.  It is hard to write about Lynch without brushing up against perhaps one of the most unique and popular television events of our time.  Oh damn, I’ve written a paragraph about Twin Peaks.  Is the log lady the voice of the filmmaker in disguise?  Enough!  I digress and apologize.


Speaking of paragraphs & chapters, David Lynch writes as though he is painting for us.  Strong succinct and at times nearly poetic brush strokes, using only enough syllables to convey some wisdom and yet leave us with just enough mystery to keep the wonder alive.  Some of his chapters are mere paragraphs and some are only one sentence long.  As the reader wades through the rich pages she is left with the sense that Lynch wants to impart some eternal truth without giving too much away.  He wants the reader to discover the tingling energy for herself or not at all.  This author expertly maintains an air of mystery either as a personality trait or by design, one is never sure which.


This Zen-like hardcover book may be one of the simplest yet deeply intelligent reads of this new century.  With insight into Universal Field Theory, quotes from ancient Sanskrit texts, and practical stories about the benefits of transcendental meditation this book will leave you reeling.  You may even want to take a break after reading it and then read it again.  I read it twice, and believe me I’m the type of reader that rarely reads a book twice.  Lynch has plenty to boast about when it comes to lifetime achievements and his contribution to cinema.  While he talks about his success with filmmaking, he sets his ego squarely aside and becomes instead the grateful sage attempting to give back and pass on the incredible realizations and discoveries he has seemingly stumbled upon.   I once met successful playwright Norm Foster while performing in a stage production in the Vancouver area and he had a different, yet similar story;  “It’s as if I’m merely a conduit for whomever or whatever is sending the ideas to me, the words aren’t there and then suddenly they are!”  This is not a direct quote and I’m sure this is pure butchery, however the sentiment is correct.


As you may know David Lynch started out as a fine artist, a painter to be precise, it was truly a wonder or perhaps an epiphany that led him to filmmaking at all.  How delightful to discover he is also a fine writer, cartoonist, composer whisperer and part-time carpenter.

“…I saw this light.  And it thrilled my soul…” This is a direct quote from page 31 of CATCHING THE BIG FISH.  If you are familiar with Lynch’s filmography, you might associate his persona more with darkness than light.  This book will show you that this transcendental Artist is purely aligned with the forces of peace, positivity and light.


Who is this book for:  CATCHING THE BIG FISH is for Everyone! Artists, Philosophers, Scientists, and anyone who studied the Humanities.  Creative types might benefit specifically as Lynch is quite generous with his personal story and the paths he’s traversed between struggles and success.  Democrats and Republicans will both like this book together in perfect harmony…yes America, I’m talking to you…yes you.  Film Fans will like the bits about Lynch’s most popular films.  I will even branch out and say this book is for children.  You could gift a child this book at a young age and they will only get more from it every time it is read.

Who this book isn’t for:  Goths or Speed-Metal enthusiasts will perhaps dislike it.  Haters will find a reason to hate even though the truth in this book is undeniable.  Please, please choose love and not fear.

Rating:  7/7

This is perhaps biased as it is my first book review for this site however I’m giving this read 100% 7/7!  I love this book from cover to cover and I hope that you will too.  I realize this book has been out for quite some time so this isn’t really a current review, however the book itself is timeless so who cares! ❤ For those 3y3 readers who are paying particular attention Part II will be out sometime in the Fall (Year TBA).  😉  Cheers, and happy summer reading .

The Penny – A Collective for Change 3y3wonder Shop Review

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The Penny – A Collective for Change – 3y3wonder Shop Review

penny shop frontThe old song pennies from heaven comes to mind as you’re strolling up the main street in Mission City towards this coffee house.  With an espresso macchiato to die for this amazing space is certainly worth your time.

Perhaps the most striking feature of this collective for change is their incredible branding.  The dove that is pictured on the shop door and throughout the joint actually appears on the 1867-1967 Canadian centennial pennies.  The beautiful dove image may trigger your memory as something familiar, the shop manager seemed surprised that I recognized the reference.  The wall behind the coffee counter glitters with the copper glow of many re-purposed pennies and of course the smiles of the friendly staff.

penny manifesto

As I was taking photographs and preparing for this review, I had a nice chat with the manager on duty, Bitty Berlinghoff.  She talked about how their coffee is locally roasted, and how the sweets in their display case are locally made with gluten free options for everyone.  A patron can adorn the beautiful dove logo with a silkscreen tee or sweatshirt on sale for $25.

manager headshot

This website is in no way affiliated with the penny, I merely wanted to start doing some lower mainland shop reviews and came across this modern, yet relaxed coffee bar as a good candidate.

Although Bitty didn’t talk about the owners of the coffee bar much it appears that it is being run by a religious organization called New Heights.  New Heights also has an interesting logo and use the tree as a Metaphor for their practices and beliefs.  How cool is that!?  Somebody in this group has mad design skills, if you know who it is please let me know and I’ll provide a link to their page.

The Penny is a great way to wake up early in the morning or have a coffee and afternoon read with the light streaming in the tall windows of this heritage building.  I invite any coffee lover reading this to ditch their corporate Starbucks or Tim’s routine and support a local business with an interest in bettering the community.


T H E P E N N Y   Hours of Operation:

Tues-Friday 7am-6pm

Sat 9-6

Sun 12-5

Mon Closed

3y3 Rating: 6 1/2 out of 7

6 and a half eyes 2

Shop and Products: 5.5/7 Pretty Sweet! (lost marks only due to not having business hours posted)

Staff: 6.5/7 Excellent!

Overall Rating 6.5/7 Excellent!

If you like this review or have something to add about your experience at Penny please leave a comment.  If you have a store or shop in the Lower Mainland and would like to be reviewed please fill out the contact form.

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Comic Germ In Us

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Don’t despair Pete Holmes

Wonder isn’t dead, no ma’am

Shandling’s spirit lives

This is a tribute Haiku that I’ve been meaning to post for a while as an ode to Canadian comic germ in us Pete Holmes.  Holmes was the first comic that I started following on tweeter and (s)he will probably be the last.

Here is another haiku dedicated to comedians that was composed around the time when Jerry Lewis died.

Divine Idiot

Respect for the fools

Conduits for mass laugh attacks

Missing jesters gone


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Loons get too much credit, it’s coots that are actually crazy

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You may have heard the expression, “crazy as a loon”, well whoever came up with that was clearly uninformed.  Coots are the ones that have truly gone off the deep end both literally and figuratively.  In my book loons are only slightly nutty, if you insist upon full blown insanity then coots are definitely more for you.

These weird and amazing little waterbirds are very entertaining to watch!  I’ve seen one coot chase after an entire flock of ducks, I’ve seen them try to take on a fully grown Canada goose single handed and I’ve seen them fiddle in the most comical ways.

If you’re looking for endless entertainment and waterfowl fun please forget the loons and go find a nice flock of coots.