The Duality Tomb


The Duality Tomb

There is a spirit that lives in a box
The lid sealed tight for a thousand years

Some speak of a malevolent shade
Imprisoned there and kept at bay

It feeds on children
Harvests and savours the dread

Some claim the box is filled with light
Pure joy left over from the beginning

The luminous energy would heal the land
Cleansing it of every plague

The elders forbid any eventual opening
In fear perhaps of shady tales
Or drowning in perpetual bliss

There is a spirit that lives in a box…


The writings and images here are ©2017 unless otherwise stated if you are interested in posting or printing this content elsewhere please fill out the contact form.  Please feel free to leave a comment if you are inclined.  Thank you for stopping by and check out a few other posts if you like.

This is my entry for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge.  Happy Anniversary Colleen click on the graphic below to read about the contest and results.

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