The left desperately needs a Jordan Peterson, a call to arms?

The left desperately needs a Jordan Peterson, there is only one problem, Peterson claims he is already coming from the left.   What do Gender Pronouns, Free Speech, the University of Toronto and the Canadian Government have in common?  They are all mixed up in this one…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This site really doesn’t want to be concerned with politics, however in light of recent legislation we are all being dragged into the arena whether we want to be there or not.  I know I am painting a target on my back with this post even though I really don’t want to take sides on this one…the haters will show up regardless.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about at this point in the article then you need to watch this debate and decide for yourself if this is about inclusion or if it is about free speech.

Do artists even belong in this debate?  Is there still a place in our society for unsanctioned artists? It will be fascinating to hear people weigh in on this one.  I will shut up now and go and clean my room…

5 thoughts on “The left desperately needs a Jordan Peterson, a call to arms?”

  1. This is a human rights issue. It will be difficult to change people’s views as to how they treat what they consider unacceptable genders. Violence does not make anything acceptable, just forced on all. Sex and gender are separate. I believe there are 3 sexes: male, female and hermaphrodite (I think that’s the word) where the doctor cannot determine the sex, then makes a guess and gives hormones based on that guess. I wonder if any of these legislators examined the one society in the world reputed to have 7 genders and how they handle terminology. I only heard about that society in a reference to it in an anthropology class. Human rights for these people is definitely needed. So is education to cure the bigotry in this world. Myself, I’m brave enough to ask how a person would like to be addressed. I try hard to accept people for who they are, not what they are.

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  2. We need some comments from the other side of the widening spectrum – let’s get a discussion going here. I shouldn’t be trying to stir things up – is there common ground to be found?


  3. The common ground should be respect for others. Thankfully in Canada our rights are explicitly limited, because all rights are (the U.S. just has to do it on a patchwork basis). I’m fine with there being a limit on speech requiring us to be respectful to one another. Respect does not equal agreement and too often those are conflated. But where we have a conflict, for example, over which pronoun should be used, it should be the person being referred to who gets to choose. I recognize it’s not so simple for those who have a need to impose their beliefs on others, but what is the benefit of that type of imposition, really? Why does it matter?

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    1. Your comment on patchwork basis gives one pause for thought Sean, I sometimes wonder how the Founding Fathers of America would feel about their constitution if they could witness the modern day result.


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