Here’s to the Gleaners

Here’s to the Gleaners


Here’s to the Gleaners
picking up after litterers
reaping what will fall
from the hands of the careless.

Here’s to the Gleaners
somehow making a bit of Styrofoam useful again
or a scrap of fabric
feeding back to the earth
what she will take,
re-purposing what she will not.

Hat’s off to the Gleaners
finding use when no one else sees it
making window art with scratched compact disks and aluminum
saving a small bird from a fatal collision with human construction
a future without so much waste…

What will we do with all those discarded computer parts?
floating refuse?
gadgets and trinkets of yesteryear?

Raise a glass to the Gleaners,
Can they save us from drowning in a mountain of abandoned material things?

The next time you see something discarded
ponder the Gleaners and think;
“Could I use that?”


Thank you for visiting.  I’m not sure why but in my area I see people throw things from their vehicles and see it all around the roads and highways.  Pop cans, plastic, used diapers, old gloves, jackets and boots.  If you throw things at the side of the road please realize this is someone’s neighborhood.  Would you want their garbage in your neighborhood?

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