Introducing the ‘Smart’ Hammer

Introducing the “Smart” Hammer

The Smart Hammer can smash any other technology quite consistently and without disappointment.  While it isn’t yet “self aware” or capable of simple reasoning it is still quite effective.  When pitted against android and ios devices it handily won any contests within the 60 second time trials allowed in recent competitions.  The next time you’re considering adopting a new disruptive technology please consider the “Smart” Hammer.  Stick with our catchphrase and you’ll never fail; “Sometimes old is new and smart is actually dumb” *

*As prices for Apple smart devices fall due to decreased sales why not get a tried and true device from the old world? At a fraction of the price this luddite technology is pounding the crap out of the competition.

Prints of this piece will soon be available at Perfect Piece Optical in Mission, B.C.  One can only assume that the typos and capitalization errors on the piece are a result of “spell check” not being available. 

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