“This is Us” – An Art Exhibit in the Country

“This is Us” An Art Exhibit in the Country – Mini Arts Review by Tim Vant

An amazing array of colour, light and self-exploration will greet your eyes when you visit the Kariton to see this show.  The Kartion itself is a wonder situated centrally in Abbotsford in the heart of picturesque Mill Lake Park.

While the opening of  “This is Us” didn’t have an enormous turnout (likely due to the weather) the president of the Graphic Guild gave a heartfelt speech that got everyone thinking about identity, art and how the two inter-relate locally, provincially and perhaps even nationally.

Some standout pieces include a wonderful expressionistic piece titled Breathing Dessert by Jake Muller.  This piece is full of movement and colour and simply must be seen in person as photos don’t do it justice.  Neil Loewen does good work with a pair of self-portraits that cleverly explore identity.  There are plenty of other interesting paintings, too many to mention them all.

This exhibit is definitely worth a gander for any Fine Art lover willing to travel up the valley to see some nice original pieces.  While there may be a couple of poorly informed dank tree paintings popped into a corner for good reason these are few and far between.

Who members of the graphic guild really are may remain a mystery however with this show true colours are showing through.

“This is Us” is put on by the Abbotsford Arts Council and the Central Fraser Valley Graphic Guild runs until March 5 at Kariton Art Gallery, 2387 Ware St. Abbotsford.

cfvgg pres speech

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