The Bar Soap Millenial Myth

You may have heard that Millenials don’t like bar soap.  They don’t buy bar soap, they don’t like it, You could even say they hate it.  If hard soap supplies shrink in the bath department then the millenials should be blamed and shamed. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Is the intention to pit one generation against the next?  Do the manufacturers want to artificially drive up the price of detergent?   A company with a huge market share like Unilever could benefit sharply with a price increase of even pennies.

All of these findings are pure myth and of course are designed to sway thinking.  Simply visit a local farmers market or craft fair and you will find one if not several soap makers.  This is actual soap and not detergent.  Some people avoid soap thinking it’s the real thing when what their skin is having a reation to is actually detergent.  Label reading and education is the best consumer protection available!

If you are a “millenial” then I would like to hear from you in the comments about your like or dislike of bar soap.  If you are a “boomer” I would like to hear you weigh in on this.   I promise I won’t respond with, “okay boomer” please be polite commenters! 🙂  If you identify as genX or genY then 3y3 would like to hear from you as well.

Let’s end this barsoap Millenial Myth together.  😉

Thank you for visiting 3y3wonder and please visit a local soapmaker near you!



2 thoughts on “The Bar Soap Millenial Myth”

  1. Did a little research this morning on soaps. There are some that still contain sodium laureth sulfate. This ingredient is a derivative of sodium layryl sulfate. Not much difference in the name but both are used to create more suds when you wash with them. Apparently coconut oil in soaps does the same thing. Yeah for those artisan soap makers. What they don’t tell you about those chemicals is that they both are carcinogens. They also don’t tell you to what extent you have to use them to get the cancer. But of course, they don’t tell you…that would be the smart thing to do.

    Hope all is well with you Tim.

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