The Districtless Un-Association to the Artist(s)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello and welcome to the internet page dedicated to The Districtless Un-Association to the Artist(s) or D.U.@.T.A.

This could be loosely defined as a group of Artist(s), however that probably would not be accurate.  Let us be as clear as we possibly can; This is NOT an Association or a registered group of any kind.


When “we” work together if there is indeed a “we”, “we” do so without regard to race, religion, creed, gender, national origin, borders, age, disability or sexual orientation.  We do not discourage members identifying with one group or another, however if a member wants one group or another to be dominant we find that divisive and unnecessary if true equality and acceptance is truly the goal.


While this group was founded on Canadian soil, there is no barrier to entry for anyone identifying as an Artist anywhere, including space.


We have noticed that a number of groups and institutions here and there claim to support the Arts and Artists, while they actually take steps to undermine and deter them from any real progress.  We do not believe that Art should be sanctioned or the content controlled by any one person or small group of people.  We believe that the Artist(s) should be free to express themselves regardless of political or socioeconomic forces that are exerting force on what should or should not be displayed.


We want each and every member to succeed, whatever success means to them.  We will do what we can to help members achieve their individual goals and respect their process as best we can.


“Memebership” is also loosely defined, however any member that intentionally attempts to undermine or belittle any other “member” will be asked to leave.  It is the intention of the Un-association to be supportive of other members and the Arts in general.  The un-president role is currently filled however there may be more administrative roles available in the future.

Prospective members must apply through the contact page and will be responded to within 5 working months from the date of application.  All members must agree and sign the un-association pledge and try their best to uphold honorable principles and practices in all of their dealings both with the public and other members.

Submissions:  Please fill out the contact form to receive Artist submission guidelines and submission requirements.  Please state in the contact what medium(s) you most frequently work in and any links to works previously or currently on display.  Alternatively you can indicate an interest in the comment section of  any post or article on

This Un-Association is an exploration.  Does it exist?  Does it not exist?  Prove it!  Some of it as you may or may not realize is “tongue in cheek”.  Some of this content is approached with tact and great importance.  You may want to be involved with the districtless un-association.  Go ahead!  We dare you?

Donations may be made in Etherium to D.U.@.T.A.  Donations can be sent to this address: 0xeCdD2704dEa8539f04aF3d7DDf9C7bdd91609433 

A huge thank you to the volunteers that set this up for us.  If you donate please indicate in a note if you have any specific art projects you would like to see out in the world.

If you are lucky enough to see our work out in the world, we do hope you enjoy it!  Watch for the unofficial labels for the Districtless Un-Association to the Artist(s) at a venue near you!  Thank you for visiting 3y3wonder and don’t forget to find a little awe in this amazing and ever expanding universe.

More coming soon…

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