A Canadian Conversation during the Polar Vortex

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frozen wasteland

A Conversation with two Canadians during the Polar Vortex

(Canuck A is coming in from outside)

Canuck A: Holy crap it’s like ‘Game of Thrones’ out there.

Canuck B: What were you doing outside?

Canuck A: Digging the car out.

Canuck B: Eh? I’m staying in for the rest of the month.

Canuck A: But, we’re out of poutine! You know, sustenance.

Canuck B: I’ve got a hoard of pemmican and mac n’ cheese for just such occasions.

Canuck A: Alright, wanna stay in and drink beer?

Canuck B: Well this sure ain’t coffee in this mug.

Introducing the ‘Smart’ Hammer

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Introducing the “Smart” Hammer

The Smart Hammer can smash any other technology quite consistently and without disappointment.  While it isn’t yet “self aware” or capable of simple reasoning it is still quite effective.  When pitted against android and ios devices it handily won any contests within the 60 second time trials allowed in recent competitions.  The next time you’re considering adopting a new disruptive technology please consider the “Smart” Hammer.  Stick with our catchphrase and you’ll never fail; “Sometimes old is new and smart is actually dumb” *

*As prices for Apple smart devices fall due to decreased sales why not get a tried and true device from the old world? At a fraction of the price this luddite technology is pounding the crap out of the competition.

Prints of this piece will soon be available at Perfect Piece Optical in Mission, B.C.  One can only assume that the typos and capitalization errors on the piece are a result of “spell check” not being available. 

Free Printable Leaf Print Colouring Page

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the shape we are print and colour

the shape we are print and colour

Here is a free colouring page for Canadian and international visitors or a free coloring page for American visitors.

This is a scan of a linocut project called “The Shape We Are” it was later incorporated into a larger painting titled “Aloft”.  In the spirit of “The Shape We Are”  The lines here are not clean or necessarily straight, there are smudges and nothing here is by any means “perfect”

Please feel free to print and colour this document to your hearts desire.  I would love to see what you can come up with.  Have Fun! 🙂

the shape we are print and colour



Holistic Scalable Synchronicity – Guided Meditation for the Lower Mainland


flyingunicornAre you curious about the benefits of guided meditation?*  Do you struggle with depression, anxiety, losing patience, time management or stress?  This could be a good tool to add to your arsenal.

Sessions are one on one and are booked as hourly sessions.  Sessions are conducted outdoors weather permitting so you may need to dress appropriately in cooler weather.  Holistic Scalable Synchronicity is still in the fledgling phase and as such is somewhat experimental.  If you are brave and would like to try this new and energizing technique please don’t hesitate to sign up!  *This is not medical advice and should not be treated as such.

If you are interested please fill out the contact form.

Perfect Piece Optical. A Visionary Place.

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A Person cannot think of the award winning Perfect Piece Optical in Mission and not also think of Peggy Fox.  What she has created in the heart of downtown Mission, B.C. isn’t just another Optical.  This is a place put together with heart and a keen eye for design.  Her dedication to customer service ensures that anyone who enters will be treated well and made to feel comfortable while browsing or shopping.

If you visit the Fraser Valley or go for long Sunday drives along highway seven you have to stop in and visit Perfect Piece Optical to see the amazing selection of urban eyewear available.  You will find selections from all over Europe as well as unique worldwide designs that you simply will not see in other stores.  If you want “things from France” well she has that!

Peggy Fox has been in the optical business her whole life.  Originally from Nova Scotia, she started out working in a lab with contact lenses.  Since then she has worked in many different venues and always with eyewear.


Peggy designed perfect piece not only to be a unique and interesting place to purchase eyewear, she is also making it a shelter for local art and students of the humanities.  Her generous nature when it comes to the community and to artists in particular is simply astounding!

Do you want to get 10% off the next time you visit Perfect Piece Optical?  Simply quote code 3y3wonder11 and you can get this discount.  (subject to availability – some restrictions apply)

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Remount This!

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CCI19112018Well some of the original production team members that brought you this little gem are thinking of doing a remount, however they tell me a producer with deepish pockets will be required.

Do you know anyone with deepish pockets.  Do you have deepish pockets?  Are you a fan of musical theatre or a patron of the Arts?  Anyone that would like to be involved please fill out the contact form.

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Here’s to the Gleaners

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Here’s to the Gleaners
picking up after litterers
reaping what will fall
from the hands of the careless.

Here’s to the Gleaners
somehow making a bit of Styrofoam useful again
or a scrap of fabric
feeding back to the earth
what she will take,
re-purposing what she will not.

Hat’s off to the Gleaners
finding use when no one else sees it
making window art with scratched compact disks and aluminum
saving a small bird from a fatal collision with human construction
a future without so much waste…

What will we do with all those discarded computer parts?
floating refuse?
gadgets and trinkets of yesteryear?

Raise a glass to the Gleaners,
Can they save us from drowning in a mountain of abandoned material things?

The next time you see something discarded
ponder the Gleaners and think;
“Could I use that?”


Thank you for visiting.  I’m not sure why but in my area I see people throw things from their vehicles and see it all around the roads and highways.  Pop cans, plastic, used diapers, old gloves, jackets and boots.  If you throw things at the side of the road please realize this is someone’s neighborhood.  Would you want their garbage in your neighborhood?

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