Lone Water-lily


What would Monet think?




Would he assume we had gone mad?

Would he revel at our devices and how

We “share”, “like” and “troll” his work as if we understood.

Would he rail that we had dumbed ourselves down to

that of an invalid society?

Would he scream and tear his hair out about the greed

of the Art dealers and shout,

“Stop! My work can’t possibly be worth that much!

 Just appreciate it please”,

and then calmly,


Or would he merely shake his head and chuckle;

“Why not Corot?”



The writings and images here are ©2017 unless otherwise stated if you are interested in posting or printing this content elsewhere please fill out the contact form.  Please feel free to leave a comment if you are inclined.  Thank you for stopping by and check out a few other posts if you like.


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